The dynamics of an effective partnership between caregiver and client is key to a stable, supportive and positive environment. We understand that each person who comes to us has unique circumstances and needs. Attending to these needs on an individual basis is the foundation of our service philosophy.

Our approach.
Each situation is unique and personal. An initial needs assessment is conducted by our RN supervisor with the client, family and attending professionals to ensure a clear understanding of the service requirements. Caregivers are recruited specifically to match these needs and service begins with a specific plan of care. Service is monitored with regular phone calls and visits ensuring responsive administration.

Full-service care.
Our caregivers are selected for their competent ability and compassionate attitude. A comprehensive screening process is conducted including personal interviews, reference checking and ongoing performance reviews. Caregivers are employed directly by the agency and all required legal coverages are in place.

Special experience.
We have seen many unique situations over the years. In particular, we have developed a strong working knowledge of the unique requirements of Palliative Care, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, MS, ALS and Rehabilitation from Surgery, Strokes and Brain Injury.