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What’s in a Name?

By March 19, 2013June 30th, 2016Moments

We love our new name and hope you do too. Classic LifeCare – formerly Classic Caregivers – is reminding our clients and community partners that only our name has changed.

Classic LifeCare is the same company you’ve known and trusted for years. We have nearly 40 years of reputable, outstanding service and long-standing relationships with community partners. We simply underwent a brand rejuvenation in 2012 to better reflect our commitment to provide the finest home health care experience.

The name Classic LifeCare is more descriptive of the way we treat our clients. Our tagline “Living in the Moments that Matter” speaks to the individuality and life experience of each of our clients and our role. We help free our clients to maintain vitality and life balance their way, revealing the moments that matter for them and their loved ones.

“We anticipated a bit of confusion when we decided to change our name,” said Andrea Warren, Executive Leader at Classic LifeCare. “We have so many long-time supporters, we find some people struggling with our new name. We are still the same Classic Caregivers, just with a fresh new name. The name Classic LifeCare is a better fit for our culture.”

The rebrand includes a refocusing on the company’s mission, vision and values.

Classic LifeCare’s mission is to provide the finest home health care experience.

The company vision is to enhance lives by providing great health care, while respecting people, choices and needs.

Classic LifeCare’s values are service, sensitivity, quality, knowledge and vitality.

Service – We help and respond quickly with flexibility and courtesy.

Sensitivity – We listen and observe with caring, respect and discretion.

Quality – We commit, engage, execute and focus on detail.

Knowledge – We learn, educate, steward wisdom and foster family heritage.

Vitality – We smile, laugh, love, celebrate life and are joyful.

Click here https://classiclifecare.com/moments/live-moments-matter to read more about our brand rejuvenation.