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Victoria Health Care Workers Shine

By March 24, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments


Classic LifeCare’s health care workers in Victoria are getting some high praise from their colleagues.

Melanie Yee, Administrative Assistant at Classic’s Vancouver office, spent a day in Victoria last week conducting interviews and doing orientations for both new employees and some longer standing health care workers.

“Our team in Victoria is so passionate and loving and made me very proud to be with Classic,” raved Melanie, following her trip. “Because of them, our clients are able to live at home and enjoy doing the things they love. I couldn’t be happier having these individuals representing our company.”


She said, as an administrator, she speaks to many of Classic’s health care workers on a daily basis and they always put a smile on her face.

Andrea Hoerger, Community Relations, says the health care workers in Victoria care very much about people and some go out of their way to make a client’s day more special.

“They love getting to know the clients, where they came from, what their story is and how they would like to spend a fun day.”

Melanie says she’s proud to work at Classic because of the incredible health care workers, coordinating team and everyone in the company who works together to make a difference in the community.

“I leave the office every day with a big grin on my face, warmth in my heart and inspiration in my soul,” says Melanie. “Classic inspires me to live in the moments that matter every day.”