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Unconditional Love Gives Nelly a Home in Canada

By September 12, 2018September 18th, 2018Moments

Simi, Classic LifeCare Clinical Nursing Supervisor, found herself a four-legged soul mate from half a world away.

A dog from Iran, who had been at a shelter for a year and a half, made the 30-hour voyage to Vancouver on August 27 to meet her new family – Simi and her husband Andrew.

“Her name is Nelly and she is the sweetest, most people-loving dog,” gushes Simi. “I took her to the dog park for the first time and she is so social. She is really smart and picked up some of the agility training we showed her right away.”

Nelly was discovered more than 18 months after her ears and tail had been cut off and she was discarded in a gutter.

Simi found her through a website called Pet Finder, which directed her to an organization called Loved at Last.

“I just feel like most people want a new, adorable puppy, but not everyone wants a damaged dog. It gives me overwhelming joy to know I’m going to give a dog a good home, who wouldn’t have had a good life otherwise.”

Ask anyone at Classic LifeCare and they will attest to Simi’s caring nature and willingness to help someone in need. Simi, along with Clinical Leader Susan Fulton, volunteers in Vancouver’s downtown eastside providing nursing footcare to people in need. 

Simi’s last dog, Jack, was blind and had some other health issues at the end of his life, so she knows she can deal with Nelly if she has issues.

“She’s just so cute and was instantly part of the family.”