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The Art of Therapy

By March 4, 2013June 30th, 2016Moments

Howard, a Classic LifeCare client, and Cynthia, a Registered Art Therapist, met in the last year when she occasionally visited him in the home. She found him to be a fascinating man and they enjoyed conversations about their love of art. She toured his home and art studio located above his garage where he had spent many years creating beautiful pieces.

As Howard suffers from progressive dementia, Classic LifeCare felt it was important to allow Howard the opportunity to revisit this passion to see where it might lead. Classic donated a month’s worth of Art Therapy, provided by Cynthia where she spent one-on-one time with Howard in the hopes his inner voice and connection to art might be heard and felt again.

Cynthia’s impression was that Howard gave up on art making as it had become a threat to his identity as an artist. They engaged in art conversation, looked through art books and he made marks on paper, bringing him back to the studio as the expert. They shared some lovely hours together where Cynthia painted while Howard spoke of his career, reminiscing over his long life and career as an artist.