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Thank You and Bon Appétit

By October 4, 2018Moments

A special luncheon at a Classic LifeCare client’s home celebrated her five dedicated Health Care Workers and their teamwork in providing 24-hour home care.

Kelsey Koehn, Client Care Coordinator, arranged the luncheon to thank the Calgary employees, while spending time with the client, Dorothy, and her daughter, Barbara. 

“Dorothy has five regular Health Care Workers who provide 24-hour home care for her,” says Kelsey. “They are always very easy to work with and willing to be flexible to make sure Dorothy is never without care.”

Kelsey said a recent scheduling conflict had her scrambling to coordinate care for Dorothy and, again, her team of Health Care Workers helped out, made it work and made Kelsey’s job a little easier.

“Rather than just send them a thank you or a gift card, I wanted to do something really special to let them know how much Classic appreciates them,” says Kelsey.

 She contacted Barbara, who was happy to help her plan a luncheon at Dorothy’s house to celebrate and thank the valued employees.

 “Barbara was really happy to help and it was important we had the lunch at her mom’s house because she needs 24-hour support and we didn’t want one of the employees to miss out.”

 Britney Didier-Shaw, Executive Leader – Alberta – attended the event and says Kelsey did an incredible job making the employees feel appreciated.

 “I also witnessed a very grateful daughter (Barbara) for the chance to meet Kelsey in person after all the years they’ve spoken on the phone,” says Britney. “And, clearly, the respect she paid Kelsey.”

 Kelsey says the employees loved the luncheon and plan to make it an annual event – next time as a potluck.