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Sweet sharing

By November 5, 2012June 30th, 2016Moments

Hi from Brit in Calgary!

Every year my children are asked to separate their Halloween candy in two piles.  Half gets hidden away, protected from the other sister (and parents who try to sniff it out) while the other half is tied up in a bag and given to one of the local shelters in Calgary.

This week Mazzy & Piper walked their hard-earned candy into the Mustard Seed Men’s Shelter here in Calgary.  I say hard-earned because Halloween night this year was snowy and icy cold meaning they had to run carefully between homes in order to stay warm…and collect enough sweet treasures for them and the others they would be giving it to.

We bundled the candy with toasty Classic blankets and the kids made their delivery.  A woman stood at the entrance of the Mustard Seed & talked with the girls about how much they appreciated their contribution, completing the giving loop for them.

It’s been several days now and the parents have still not been able to sniff out any candy…