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Stepping Up to the Leadership Challenge in Alberta

By August 4, 2015May 26th, 2017Moments

Leadership has given Quinn McLeod, who has worked as a Nursing Supervisor for Classic, a new set of challenges and a renewed energy at work.

Quinn stepped into the role of Clinical Regional Manager for Classic in July and has been feeling the support of her team in Alberta and B.C.

“Britney (Didier-Shaw, who is on maternity leave) has done such a phenomenal job with operations and she is well respected in the community, so those are some very big shoes to fill,” said Quinn, during a sunny Thursday interview at Classic’s Calgary office on 4th Street SW.

She said the support of the team in the Calgary office not only gets the job of providing the finest home care done, but makes her anticipate each day at work.

“We have some amazing people working for this company and I appreciate them all so much. This leadership role is a good opportunity for me trying to solve problems and manage situations as they occur. It’s challenging but really exciting for me.”

Quinn said the direction from Classic’s head office has been all about finding her own unique leadership style, rather than trying to emulate others. She had to find her own voice as a leader and continues to explore that facet of her personality.

When she’s not wearing her nursing or leadership hats, Quinn enjoys hanging out with friends and travelling. She spends one day each weekend with a social worker taking a child from foster care for a visit with the birth mother.

“I really look forward to those weekend visits. It’s incredibly rewarding and I love it.”

In Alberta, Classic is now in its third year of a pediatric contract with Alberta Health Services, the company acquired two home care agencies in 2015, and providing care for the existing clients continues to keep Classic’s office employees and Health Care Workers in the field busy.

“For Alberta, I would love to see Classic continue to grow. I really believe in this organization and the people involved and I love coming to work every day. Not everyone can say that, so I’m grateful.”