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Small Changes Make a Big Impact

By September 12, 2018Moments

Client Care Coordinator Danielle has taken wellness to the next level – transforming her life and health with a focus on small changes in her everyday life to create a big impact in the long run.

Danielle’s life changed when her husband bought her a Fitbit for Christmas two years ago.

“Starting in January of 2017 I started doing walks – just 15 minutes a day. Prior to that I used to drive around looking for the closest possible parking spot to the office, so walking for fitness was definitely a change in mentality.”

By summer of 2017, Danielle was walking four kilometers a day during her lunch hour. She also started taking a kickboxing class around that time.

With the commitment to exercise and some changes to her diet, Danielle has lost more than 50 pounds.

She says everyone at work tends to focus on healthy living, which helps motivate her.

“I have never worked in a place like this where everyone is healthy and positive and happy. I have had nothing but encouragement from the people at Classic.”

As a coordinator, Danielle communicates throughout the day with clients and employees, matching appropriate health care workers to provide home care to clients.

“I coordinate clients and caregivers and do everything from following up with clients, getting feedback, scheduling, home visits. It’s a multi-tasking job. I am on the phone a lot.”

She says she loves seeing clients and talking to some of her favourites.

“It can be a tough job if someone is unhappy or encounters an issue, but I’m really patient, so I try to accommodate requests and be a good listener. I do whatever I can to make people happy.”

Danielle’s success in her job is complimented by her health and wellness achievements.

 “It has changed my life. My husband and daughters have joined the gym, my social life has changed for the better, and I do more active things with people.”

She says the confidence gain has been the best part of her health and fitness journey, encouraging her to try to inspire others.

“People tell you weight loss is impossible after a certain age, but it’s not. My goal is to be able to train others so they can reach their own goals.”