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Quick Actions of Health Care Worker Save Clients Leg – and Possibly Life

By June 29, 2017Moments

Classic LifeCare celebrates an employee’s quick actions, which resulted in a life-saving surgery for a client.

Health Care Worker Magaly was with a client in Vancouver when she noticed some worrisome signs in the client’s leg.

“I noticed that one of her legs looked a bit purple and felt cold,” says Magaly. “When I touched it, she was in pain. I knew we needed to get her to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Magaly insisted that the client go to the hospital. A large clot was discovered in her femoral artery and she was taken into vascular surgery. Any longer and the client would have lost her leg.

Cathy Lee, Classic LifeCare’s Operations Coordinator, says Magaly’s ability to use her skill set and advocate for her client saved her client’s leg – and possibly her life.

“Magaly was able to speak up because she recognized that something was very wrong,” says Cathy. “No one else would have caught that in time if it wasn’t for Magaly. And she quickly contacted our office to report what was happening.”

Classic LifeCare encourages all HCWs to contact the office or a Clinical Nursing Supervisor with any client concerns.

Classic gave Magaly a special certificate in recognition of her actions.

Magaly is an LPN student. Her goal is to work as a nurse with seniors. In her spare time, she likes to knit and crochet, go to the pool and visit her former employer, a family she took care of as a nanny when she first came to Canada from Peru.

“I find that everyone at Classic LifeCare is caring and compassionate,” she says. “I would just encourage all Health Care Workers to really pay close attention to their clients. Even little signs and details that could mean something bigger is going on.”