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Prepare for Fall and Winter Weather

By September 23, 2015May 26th, 2017Moments

The days are getting shorter and with darker evenings and colder weather coming, be prepared.

We encourage you to use extra caution if you are walking or driving to and from clients in the dark. Try to keep to well-lit areas and use common sense when planning your route.

If you’re going to be driving somewhere, it’s a good idea to leave extra travelling time in case the roads are slippery. CBC Radio One gives updates on traffic news to keep you informed while you’re on the road (99.1 FM in Calgary, 93.9 FM in Edmonton, 88.1 FM in Vancouver and 90.5 FM in Victoria).

When you’re travelling as a pedestrian, it’s important to be visible to drivers, especially this time of year when the sun goes down early. Wearing bright colours and reflective clothing will make it easier for drivers to see you. Be extra cautious when crossing the street during bad weather in case drivers have difficulty stopping.

Be careful and stay safe out there!