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Nona Will Returns to Philippines Following Typhoon Devastation

By November 15, 2013June 30th, 2016Moments

The devastation in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan on Nov. 9 hit home, literally, for Classic LifeCare health care worker Nona.

Originally from the Philippines, Nona followed the aftermath of the typhoon on CNN last week. As she watched the images of destruction with an elderly client she cares for, both of them fought back tears. Days went by before Nona heard if everyone was accounted for.

“I have two brothers, a sister and my husband living in the northern part of Iloilo,” said Nona, who will be flying to the Philippines on Nov. 25 for two months. “I have since spoken to my sister, who said my house in my home town has no roof, my mother’s house had all the windows smashed out and my sister’s house had the roof torn off.”

Schools, markets, houses and roads in her home town were destroyed by the massive storm that devastated the country and killed thousands.

“I keep on praying and believing God has a purpose. I think I have faced a lot of challenges that maybe show how big my faith is. I try to stay positive, but this is the fourth year in a row I am returning to the Philippines to tragedy. The last three trips were because family members had passed away. In September, I booked this trip and was looking forward to a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of clean-up, fixing things and candlelit dinners. We are not expected to have power again in my home town for three or four months.”

Despite the tragedy in the Philippines, Nona says she is grateful her family is unharmed and will enjoy Christmas with her loved ones whether she has power or not, a roof or not.

“I don’t feel ready to face this calamity, but I feel we are very lucky that God protected my family. Maybe my mom and dad (who passed away) are watching over us.”

Nona said the greatest need, according to her family, is food. Small amounts of rice have been distributed to those affected, but the need for food and water remains top priority.

To donate money to the relief effort, contact Classic LifeCare. Every dollar will be matched by the company and donated to The Red Cross. The Canadian government will match all donations made by Dec. 8.

For more information, visit: https://clc.aemedia.ca/moments/relief-philippines