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Marie Enjoying her New Life in Vancouver

By March 31, 2015May 26th, 2017Moments

Keeping clients in their own homes is the best part of the job for Marie, an RN and Nursing Supervisor Classic LifeCare. She enjoys visiting clients and helping them find solutions so they can continue living at home.

“If we can do anything to accomplish their wish of staying at home as long as possible, that’s a really good feeling,” she says.

As a breast cancer survivor herself, Marie knows what it’s like to be in her clients’ shoes. She’s found that living through cancer has given her some insight into what her clients are going through and made it easier to relate to them.

“I thought, when I had breast cancer, if the nurse had said to me ‘I’ve had breast cancer, I’m a survivor, this is what I did, this is how I managed’, I would have really appreciated it,” says Marie. “So when I have clients who have breast cancer, I say that I’m a survivor, and I tell them how long I’ve been a survivor for. It’s always a good reinforcement for the clients that you can get through this, and you can be a survivor.”

Marie came to Classic LifeCare after moving from Ottawa to Vancouver to be closer to her son. She loves Vancouver and is happy to be settling into her position at Classic.

“Working for a smaller company, I find people are closer together, everybody works together and it’s a nice atmosphere in the office,” she says. “It’s a really nice environment to work in.”

During her free time, Marie likes going on walks and making greeting cards for special occasions. She’s also looking forward to picking up a few new hobbies.

“I’d really like to try curling and I’m going to try ballroom dancing. I also really enjoy cooking and I’d like to take some night classes to become a better cook.”

Having lived through cancer, she finds that her outlook on life has changed.

“As far as looking at life goes, the little things don’t matter as much.”

Now that Marie is getting used to life in Vancouver, she’s looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

“I’m really glad that I moved here to Vancouver, I love the city, I love the weather, and I really enjoy the people. Coming here was a really good move for us, and I’m glad that I found Classic LifeCare.”