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Maria is Vancouver’s Employee of the Month!

By January 24, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments


Talking about her job brings both a smile and tears to the eyes of health care worker, Maria, Classic LifeCare’s employee of the month for January in Vancouver.

Maria, whose client of 10 years recently passed away, says she has really enjoyed the last 17 years working in this field and has a heart for caring for others.

“It was very hard losing (my client),” said Maria, during an interview at Classic after she was recognized with a jacket and a certificate on Friday. “I love helping people. But I was with my client for 10 years and when you spend that much time with someone, it is very difficult when they’re gone.”

Maria, who describes herself as having a firm belief in God, said her close friends and sister, who lives in the Philippines, have been praying for her as she mourns the loss of her client.

Maria has been with Classic LifeCare since 1997 and says she loves the company and always feels a lot of support in the work she does.

“I want to thank Classic for always being there for me. It’s nice to have watched Classic grow over the years.”

Maria loves the outdoors, walking, hiking and being with friends. She attends church regularly and was able to share her love of the outdoors with her last client.

“With my last client, we went to Whistler together twice, took the peak to peak, went to Mount Baker, Steveston. I don’t think there is a park in Vancouver we didn’t visit.”

Even the pouring rain couldn’t keep her from taking her client to the seawall for a walk.

Andrea Warren, Classic’s Executive Leader, said Maria is the epitome of the perfect health care worker.

“If I were ill, I would want Maria to look after me,” said Andrea. “She is kind, creative, gentle, and makes every effort to meet a client’s needs. She really takes the time to find out about her client and makes sure they incorporate the things they love to do into each day.”

While Maria waits to be matched with a new client, she is keeping busy and looking forward to a trip to the Philippines at the end of August.

“My father is turning 80 so I’m really looking forward to that trip.”




By Lissa Miles