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Loving Every Moment of Motherhood

By March 25, 2015May 26th, 2017Moments

Britney Didier-Shaw is expecting a baby boy, and she couldn’t be happier. She’s treasuring every moment of her pregnancy and looking forward to the journey ahead of her.

“I’m most definitely enjoying this time as much as I humanly, possibly can,” she says.


Britney’s two daughters, Mazzy and Piper, can’t wait to be big sisters to their new baby brother. He doesn’t have a name yet, but the family has been brainstorming names on a chalkboard in the kitchen, underlining the ones they like and crossing off the ones they don’t.

Although motherhood comes with challenges, Britney is excited for what lies ahead.

“Parenting is the most bittersweet thing your heart can go through, so I’m looking forward to all of the experiences that go along with that,” she says.

Fortunately, Britney has a strong support system to help her through the ups and downs of motherhood.

After starting at Classic LifeCare in Vancouver, she moved her family to Calgary in 2003 and became the Regional Leader for Alberta. She’s happy to be raising her family in Calgary and loves belonging to such a warm, friendly community.

“I have felt a lot of love and support from the amazing community and the company I work for,” says Britney. “I’ve felt every hug and treasured every moment of kindness.”