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Living a Life of Gratitude

By September 8, 2016May 26th, 2017Moments

Five years ago today Andrea Warren, Classic LifeCare’s Executive Leader, received the most precious gift of her life – a liver transplant.

“Celebrating the five-year anniversary of my transplant today is really my donor’s day,” says Andrea, while giving her dog Ellie a scratch behind the ear. “Each year on this day my husband Jeremy and I like to do a walk or a hike in the woods so we can be thankful in quiet meditation for that gift of life that was given to me.”

Andrea’s past year was filled with fulfilling and challenging times personally and at work, adventure and happiness with Jeremy, family and friends, including a getaway to Maui, and mostly healthy, energetic days.

“Prior to this transplant I was really, really sick – chronically sick – and I was starting to lose my lust for life,” says Andrea. “This transplant was truly life changing for me. I am not sitting around sick. I ski, I hike, I work full time, I have energy, I feel good. I wake up most mornings and feel good and grateful.”

She says she wants to live a life that honours her donor, and while organ donation in Canada is anonymous, she wishes the family of that donor could know that she is healthy, happy and grateful.

“Someone had to lose their life for me to live and I am always aware of that. I live my life to the fullest with that in mind. It’s an incredible gift I was given and I don’t take it for granted.”

Natasa Mihajlovic, Classic’s Senior Administrator, who has worked with Andrea for 10 years, says Andrea’s warm and caring nature is her most notable quality.

“Andrea puts others before herself, takes care of all of us, takes the time to really ask us how we are. When she was ill before and not in the office, I can’t tell you how much she was missed. Andrea is really something special.”

You can change a life like Andrea’s by visiting www.transplant.bc.ca and signing up to be a donor.

To read more about Andrea’s journey, visit https://clc.aemedia.ca/moments/gift-life