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Live in the moments that matter

By December 5, 2013June 30th, 2016Moments


Classic LifeCare™ celebrates 40 years of home care experience.

Classic LifeCare, formerly Classic Caregivers, is the same family-run business with the same top-notch employees and home care services, but with a fresh look and a revitalized focus.

New Name: Classic LifeCare™

“Classic LifeCare” better reflects the complete and vital suite of care we have grown to provide over 40 years in business. Today, we do much more than home care — we engage and assist in nearly all facets of our clients‘ day-to-day personal, medical and emotional needs.

New Motto

Our new tagline, Live in the moments that matter, brings it home for us. At the heart of it all, that’s really what’s left — moments. Each of us makes it our mission to make sure clients are able to take full advantage of the moments that hold meaning for them. Moments of success, moments of laughter, moments of dignity and grace. We take care of the rest.

Classic Values

As we change over to the Classic LifeCare look, we want to assure you that we will retain the values we‘ve always held. Relationships are the heart of our business and we continue to keep these relationships strong and close. People aren‘t chores — we serve clients, not patients. “We’re not the boss of you” is a principle we take to heart. We‘re here to help our clients live the lives they want, how they want.

Our contact information hasn’t changed. We can still be reached at the same phone numbers. Website and email addresses still work but address books should be updated to classiclifecare.com from classiccaregivers.com. Our fees haven’t changed either. They‘re still among the lowest in our industry thanks to our efficient structure, centralized operation and high retention of employees and clients.

We’re thrilled to have you share this exciting moment with us.