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Jean’s Haitian Soccer Camp

By July 16, 2012June 30th, 2016Moments

Classic LifeCare employee Jean Lubin is truly caring and compassionate person. On a recent trip back home to Haiti, he witnessed the devastating effects of the January 2010 earthquake. Seeing, first-hand, how difficult life is now for the majority of Haitians,  Jean began to plan how he could help the community of Miragoane, Haiti.

He and his wife will host a soccer camp from August 12-19, 2012 in this community to deliver a sun and positive experience for up to 160 children and youth. In the evenings, the participants will be invited to bring their families to a celebratory service which will be hosted by three affiliated Pentecostal churches in the community.  In partnership with key community leaders, Jean has organized and planned for what will be an inspiring and emotional week of soccer and fun.  Jean’s plan is to offer this on an annual basis.

Jean is very excited about this project and we are so very proud of his dedication, compassion and community spirit.  We wish him much success with this important community building project. We’er excite to hear all about his adventure when he returns to Canada. Stay tuned for an update on this story in the fall.