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Jean Continues Humanitarian Work in Haiti

By January 24, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments

Classic LifeCare health care worker Jean Lubin prepares for his fifth humanitarian trip to his native Haiti.

Jean leaves Feb. 28 and will stay until March 5 to work in a town called Miragoane.

“I am happy and excited to be going back to do this work,” said Jean. “We have seen progress and have shown the children we work with a better life.”

Jean immigrated to Canada in 2008. He used to work as a teacher in Haiti and his Canadian wife was a missionary there. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Jean felt compelled to return to the country to help his people.

He said things have improved dramatically since his first trip. There is hope where there wasn’t before. People used to throw garbage in the street and now things are kept much cleaner. People in the community meet each week to talk about improvements they can continue to make.

Jean said his last trip to Haiti was successful. While there was an emphasis on soccer, important education about health and the environment was shared, along with healthy meals and much-needed supplies. He said soccer is the perfect way to reach out to young people because they can just focus on playing and forget about their problems.

Jean works with A Hope with Christ, which has recently partnered with Rose Charities to raise money and awareness.  Donations can be made via rosecharities.com. The site allows you to select which project your dollars support. Choose the Haiti option to support Jean’s efforts.

Jean’s ultimate goal for his work in Haiti is to build an orphanage to care for parentless children, protect them from abuse and give them an education.

Jean works with 300 kids per day running soccer camps and educational sessions.

“There is a need for running shoes and clothes, toothbrushes and toothpaste,” said Jean, who accepted a heavy bag of oral hygiene products donated by Classic LifeCare. “A great donation is a goat. The goat will have babies, which will help the people survive. So far, 17 goats have been donated.”

To donate supplies or money to Jean’s upcoming trip, contact Classic LifeCare’s office in Vancouver at 604-263-3621 or email [email protected]

Read more about Jean’s last trip here: https://clc.aemedia.ca/moments/heart-haiti

For more information about Classic LifeCare, click here: https://classiclifecare.com



By Lissa Miles