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Inspiring Retirement Living

By November 7, 2016May 26th, 2017Moments

Balanced between the solace of the Pacific Spirit Park with its endless hiking trails through ancient cedars and the energetic youthful buzz of Vancouver’s University of British Columbia (UBC), Tapestry Retirement Community at Wesbrook Village is a unique and coveted residence for inspired seniors.

With roof-top panoramic views of the wooded endowment lands, the Pacific Ocean beyond and the urban convenience of the Wesbrook Village shops, the location of Tapestry is a top selling feature. Its proximity to, and relationship with UBC gives residents an interesting opportunity to interact with the university.

Tapestry’s lecture theatre often hosts UBC grad students and post-doctoral students who wish to present their work in a Masterclass Series. Residents can give feedback on content and presentation style. Tapestry is also the only non-UBC building to host UBC classes.

“So many of our residents are UBC alumni and love that they can still access the university and continue learning. We have one resident currently getting his PhD,” says Lina Saba, marketing consultant with Concert Properties.

A third party operator manages the day-to-day operations at Tapestry, but Concert Properties manages the marketing of its properties. Tapestry at Wesbrook Village is one of three communities owned by Concert – one is on Arbutus Street in Vancouver and another is located in Etobicoke in Toronto.

Lina says all retirement communities talk about independence, lifestyle and choice, but Tapestry – more than any other community she has researched – walks the talk.

While sitting in the restaurant enjoying one of the day’s lunch features – spinach quiche and roasted red pepper soup – Lina shares her excitement about that evening’s planned Cuban night.

“Honestly, I would love to live here myself,” she laughs. “There is always something fun to do and people to do it with, if you want. And amazing food!”

Tapestry’s executive chef is a Red Seal chef, formerly with Italian Kitchen. The menu is impressive, extensive and ever-changing, but residents can always make special meal requests and the kitchen can usually accommodate. The high-ceilinged restaurant is lined with windows, which look out to an expansive patio and gardens.

“The ultimate vision for this community is to have even better communication and cross-over between departments to offer residents the most holistic experience,” says Lina. “Between leisure, fitness, food, and our health & wellness department, which residents can access with health and nutrition questions and concerns, there is definitely an emphasis on wellness. It’s really all about lifestyle.”

Tapestry’s program director recently improved the fitness department with new trainers – all registered kinesiologists and varsity athletes, each with their own area of focus.

“The addition of these trainers has not only broadened the fitness services we can offer to our residents, but it has attracted so many more people to come and utilize the gym. In fact, it has tripled participation. Even some residents who have never been active in their lives are becoming active.”

A tour of the premises is like touring a high-end hotel or spa. The view from the roof is a definite highlight with a few residents sitting and reading amidst the gardens.

Tapestry has a beautiful full-service restaurant for residents to use (although suites have their own kitchens too) and organized cooking classes are a favorite activity for some. The building has a golf simulator and theatre, pool table, hair salon and woodwork shop. On any given day, residents can partake in a number of organized activities, like nature walks, outdoor excursions, continuing educations classes, meditation, art classes, and much more.

Tapestry offers a set package of services for its residents like housekeeping and laundry, but if people need additional services and supports, that can be arranged.

“There is definitely a percentage of our residents who have a health concern of some variety. They may have moved in with us following a fall in their home or after a spouse passed away. So when a resident requires a higher degree of care, they can arrange health services with us or bring in caregivers they have previously used to provide additional services – always with discretion. We offer assisted living services, but we are not considered a residential care facility.”

Classic LifeCare provides home care for a few Tapestry residents, supplementing what they receive at Tapestry with some additional health care services.

Many residents don’t wait until they have a health concern to downsize from their house to a retirement community. They move while they are healthy and able to take advantage of all of the leisure amenities. They want access to the social interaction, 24-hour staff for safety, security and convenience and gourmet dining.

“Lots of our residents don’t ‘need’ to be here. They are here to enhance their lifestyle and enjoy their retirement. I would say Tapestry is geared toward an active senior. Many of our residents are seniors who want to give up yard work and be free to travel, work on personal development, and entertain.”

Tapestry at Wesbrook Village is seven floors and offers rental and purchasing options. For more information about this community, visit www.discovertapestry.com.