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HELP is not a four-letter word

By December 6, 2012June 30th, 2016Moments

Asking for help can be terrifying. Accepting help can be challenging. We all want to retain our dignity and independence, but not asking for help can mean stalling a solution and escalating things into a crisis.

This is what asking for help really means:

Help means
Be honest with yourself. Consider why you feel threatened at the loss of independence. Once you get to the root of your fear you can start to deal with the problem at hand. Sometimes when you recognize  where your fears are arising from, you will discover the solution is receiving some help which will actually increase your independence in the long-run.

Help means
Work through how not wanting to receive help is reinforced by unrealistic ideals and wishful thinking. Once you explore the reasons for not wanting help, you may better understand the real needs that impact your current situation. It takes a strong person to ask for help.

Help means
People naturally want to return the favour when asked for help. Think of it as the people helping you ’pay it forward.’ You are helping them bank help from their network. The people who will be willing to help understand that life is give and take. Right now, it’s set on ’give.’

Help means
Figure out what resources you have within your family to help you. Family members are usually more than willing to try and help you, but they may have a limited amount of time and lack consistency due to their own busy lives. Often times, close family and friends don’t know how to offer help or are just as uncomfortable offering as the person is asking. Getting it all out on the table makes it easier to find solutions.

Above all, Help means appreciation.
Make sure those who are helping you know it matters. No matter where you get the help from, remember it. Remember that it mattered when you needed it. No matter your condition or situation, you are almost always in a position to help someone else.