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Having a Say – Classic’s Employee Council

By September 13, 2018Moments

A diverse group of employees are making their mark on Classic LifeCare by providing input and feedback on everything from websites to policies to providing services to our clients.

The Classic LifeCare Employee Council, started in July, 2018, is a way for employees to have a voice in the way Classic is run, including the employee and client experience.

“We are very excited about the Employee Council,” says Yvette Litterscheidt, Operations Leader. “We have always informally asked for employee feedback, but this is a group of employees who are interested in being part of the process and influencing the way we do things at Classic.”

All employees were sent a letter asking if they would be interested in being on the council. A group of about a dozen people came forward interested in participating.

“We’ve already had such a great experience with our Employee Council. The employee voice is vital, especially when we are creating tools or processes that directly affect our employees. Rather than make assumptions, the council is telling us what they, as employees, want to see and what speaks to their needs.”