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Happy Retirement Polly!

By September 1, 2017Moments
Happy Retirement Polly

Health Care Worker Apolonia “Polly” Acero is looking forward to time at home and trips to the Philippines when she officially retires September 15.

Polly has been with Classic LifeCare since 2001 and will be dearly missed by Classic staff and clients alike.

“I will miss Classic,” said Polly, smiling with tears in her eyes. “You are always at my side when I need you. The staff here is really great to work with.”

Polly often provided live-in home care for Classic clients, which explains why she’s looking forward to spending time at home in her retirement. She was also a reliable Health Care Worker to call for last-minute shifts and to help out when needed with other clients.

Polly has worked hard to build a life in Canada since immigrating from the Philippines and has regularly sent money back to her family.

“I am so grateful that I can help my family,” said Polly. “The eldest sons and daughters of my brothers are all professionals because of the money I sent back to help them with school.”

She says those nieces and nephews will pay that generosity forward by helping their siblings.

“That is the whole purpose of life, right? To help one another. If you can help another person, you are wealthy.”

John Sherwood, Owner of Classic LifeCare, was there to congratulate Polly at a reception for her at the Vancouver office on Thursday.

“Thank you for sharing your story Polly,” said John. “We see so many examples of people coming to Canada, working in home care and sending money home to give their families a better life. It’s such an incredible thing to do because you are also giving our clients a better life.”

Thank you Polly for 16 years of service with Classic LifeCare. We wish you a long, healthy, happy retirement.