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Give the Gift of Life

By April 27, 2017May 29th, 2017Moments

The most important thing you can do during National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week (NOTDAW) is sign up to be a donor.

April 23-29 is all about recognizing those who have donated, celebrating those who are alive because they have received organ and tissue donations, and encouraging others to sign up.

Classic LifeCare’s Executive Leader Andrea Warren had a liver transplant five-and-a-half years ago. She now tries to make the most of every day and live life to the fullest to honour her donor.

Read more about Andrea’s journey here: https://clc.aemedia.ca/moments/living-life-gratitude

Read more about National Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness Week here: http://www.transplant.bc.ca/our-services/awareness-programs/national-org…

PHOTO: Classic LifeCare Executive Leader Andrea Warren and her mother Sandra