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Feeling Privileged to Share the Journey

By September 15, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments

By Lissa Miles

For Victoria health care worker Hazel, the key to enjoying her work with Classic LifeCare is all about flexibility.

“I am not stuck on some schedule that must be accomplished from the second I step in a client’s door,” said Hazel, during a sunny lunch meeting in Victoria near the end of August. “I go in and ask the client, ‘What’s going on today? What would you like to accomplish?’ If someone doesn’t want a bath at exactly 10am, I am happy to accommodate their schedule.”

Hazel has worked with Classic since 2007 after she attended a Classic LifeCare job fair in Victoria.

“This is a great job for me because I truly love working with people and hearing their stories. I am a real listener and feel extremely fortunate to get to meet these amazing clients of ours. I really identify with Classic LifeCare’s client-centred approach. I am a people person and want to do a good job for every individual I work with. That’s when I feel like I’m contributing and making a difference.”

Hazel loves living in Victoria, which was a big change from Ocean Falls halfway between Vancouver and Prince Rupert, where she lived for 19 years.

As a young student, Hazel took some LPN courses, but never finished the program. She later earned a social work diploma. Over the years, she has become interested in nutrition and wellness.

When she’s not caring for Classic LifeCare clients, Hazel has a second job transferring cars for dealerships. She says she enjoys seeing the island and commuting between the island and the mainland for work.

In her down time, which is precious because she works long hours, she and her partner Ron have been readying his sailboat for some outings in the fall.

“I feel confident and happy with my life right now. And when you’re happy, that transmits to others. I have great giggles with some of the seniors I work with, that’s for sure.”