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Employee of the Month – Alberta

By June 18, 2015May 26th, 2017Moments

It’s all about problem solving to help improve lives for Classic LifeCare Health Care Worker Laois Scanlon.

Originally from England, she has been working in health care for about 22 years and moved to Canada in August, 2014. Her goal is to work as an RN in Alberta.

“I love working in health care because you get to interact with so many people with so many perspectives and problem solve to help improve their situations,” she says.

While Laois has only been with Classic LifeCare since early May, she was selected as Employee of the Month because of the great work she has done with her client.

Personalized Home Care: All About Making the Client Feel Happy

“We were receiving amazing feedback about Laois from her client,” says Sherry Khuu, HR Coordinator with Classic LifeCare. “She has a very friendly and positive attitude and is always willing to share her knowledge and stories.”

Laois says she has thoroughly enjoyed working with her 95-year-old client, who recently lost her husband after more than 60 years of marriage.

“I enjoy making sure my client is happy, “says Laois. “I enjoy problem solving with her. I know she can feel anxious once in a while with all the recent change in her life, so if I can reassure her and be there to help out, I get a lot of satisfaction from that.”