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Downsizing for your Post-Retirement Life

By December 19, 2017Moments

By Marie Villeza

As you get older, “living lean” isn’t just about cutting down on fats in your diet. Cutting back on the amount of stuff you have and even moving to a smaller place can have a positive impact on your post-retirement life. Living life with less possessions makes your day-to-day life simpler and can even have a positive impact on your mental health. So are you ready to take the plunge and clean out your house… and maybe even look for a new, smaller abode? Take the following into account.

Who needs it?

Cleaning out your home can seem like a daunting task before you begin, but take it step by step and you’ll find it is easier than you expect.

First, make a list of all the areas in your home: office, kitchen, bedroom, guest room, bathroom, etc. In whatever order you choose, tackle these areas on their own. Don’t flit from one part of the house to another. A good place to start is the office, especially since you won’t be using much of it now that you’re enjoying your retirement! Recycle papers and donate unnecessary office supplies to a local school. Trust that teachers will be very grateful for things like notebooks and pens.

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Some people have a hard time letting go of things because of emotional value. We keep things like souvenirs from family vacations or gifts from loved ones as these totems we hold onto, afraid to let them go or disrespect the emotional value we place on them. Repeat this to yourself: things are not love. Your cherished memories and relationships are not ruined because you get rid of some objects. Thank the object for serving its purpose (á la Marie Kondo) and let it go. In the end you won’t even miss these things.

Want a smaller space for your place?

Downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sell your house and move, but many people find themselves drawn to the option as they get older out of practicality. As you mature in age, things like stairs can be kind of a hinderance. And while you’re about to embark on the best years of your life, do you really want to spend time cleaning a large house when you could easily manage something smaller?

You have plenty of options when it comes to post-retirement living. Many people opt for active senior living communities where adults with similar interests can live in proximity and socialize. These communities often have amenities such as golf courses, spas, and community pools where you can grill and hang out with new friends. If you’re a social butterfly and want to spend your golden years having fun and relaxing, it’s a tempting option to consider.

Of course, not everybody wants to live in a place where they feel obligated to interact with others. Psychology Today estimates 16-50% of us are introverts. Introverts enjoy spending time alone or with a small group of close friends. They feel recharged after taking a bath or reading a good book. A big trend for retirees in this category is developing a tiny house. Tiny homes are efficient, environmentally-friendly, cost less, and they can be built just about anywhere. Designing a tiny house could be a fun and exciting project that also allows you to finally live in your dream location.

Your retirement is about making the most of your newfound freedom and enjoying your days. Your options are plentiful, all you have to do is take the first step

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