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Classic Wishes A Happy Anniversary to Alberta Children’s Hospital

By September 27, 2019Moments

What better way to mark an anniversary than with a giant slab of cake?

To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Alberta Children’s Hospital at its current site, Classic’s Growth and Development Leader, Britney Didier-Shaw delivered a colourful cake to the colourful building in Calgary.

The current site opened on September 27, 2006, as the first free-standing pediatric facility to be built in Canada in more than 20 years. It was originally opened on May 19, 1922, as the Junior Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

The hospital was designed by kids, families, physicians and staff. The colourful lego-inspired building is a Calgary landmark. Nearly 100,000 kids rely on care from the hospital each year.

Britney has a personal connection to the hospital, since her daughter Mazzy has accessed various clinics within, including Endocrinology, Genetics and Orthopedics over the past 17 years.

“The children’s hospital makes me think of a place where children feel safe and families feel strong, says Britney. “Everybody there is so nice! I feel like the staff all smile, the atmosphere is cheerful and welcoming. The Hospital Foundation staff are angels. They don’t seem to forget a face or a story and hug Mazzy every time they see her.”

Britney says Classic LifeCare’s work with the Alberta Health Services’ pediatric contract has required years of working collaboratively with Children’s.

“We’ve learned so much from them and we value the knowledge and experience they share with us. We are on the same page in so many ways when it comes to client-centred care and understanding the delicate work required and when your clients are children.”