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Classic LifeCare supports 2013 StairClimb for Clean Air

By March 19, 2013June 30th, 2016Moments
PHOTO: Jennifer Dares, who runs Classic LifeCare Edmonton’s Community Relations, with her Granfather who has lung disease.

By Jennifer Dares

The Lung Association is close to my heart, as my Grandfather has only one-third of a lung left. Every time he takes a breath it is a struggle for him, while most of us don’t even think about breathing. There are so many simple things he finds difficult to do because of his disease. He is so amazing and such an important person in my life, I would do anything to bring awareness and funds to the Lung Association.

When I was asked to join the StairClimb committee six months ago to help plan this event for the Lung Association, I was thrilled to help. It took a lot of work to get to this point but we made it and the event was a success!  My sister was also able to volunteer for the event, as the cause is also important to her. Everyone had a great time; there were three different dance groups from Dance Alberta, firemen, hemp tattooing, silent auction, a DJ, volunteers, games, families and friends who have, or have been affected by, lung disease.  All stair climbers had to climb 22 flights of stairs, there were moms, dads, children, daughters, sons, friends, sisters, and brothers all climbing for someone special to them who is affected with lung disease.  Some of the climbers have, or have had, lung disease!  It was a good time and we plan on putting it on again next year

– One in five Canadians – six million adults and children – has respiratory problems.

– Every 15 minutes in Canada, someone dies form lung disease.  Approximately 38,000 Canadians will die from lung disease this year.

– Lung disease is the third leading cause of death among Canadians