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Classic LifeCare Home Care News | January, 2018

By January 23, 2018Moments

Each month Classic LifeCare publishes Home Care News, a curated selection of articles about home care and other issues related to caregiving and the quality of life of seniors and others.

What Happens When We Let Tech Care For Our Aging Parents

Individuals over the age of 65 make up more than a quarter of Japan’s total population, which is 127 million. By 2065, 40 percent of the population is estimated to belong to this demographic.

This could justify Japan’s quick adoption of robots and smart sensors in elderly home care. Read more >>

Do Words Matter When It Comes to Seniors’ Care?

Feeders, bed-blockers, bibs and demented residents.

These were once common words and phrases used in the seniors’ care sector, but thankfully, these terms are being dropped from our vernacular.

People are increasingly aware that language matters when it comes to continuing care, and this is no accident. Read more >>

Can Services Keep up With Demand From Seniors?

In British Columbia, there are nearly 900,000 people age 65 and over and that number is only expected to increase in the coming years. Since last year, that has been an increase in demand for assisted living units, residential care beds and in-home support.

In each case, a recent report has noted, the population of seniors has increased at a faster rate than the housing options and wait lists are growing longer.

“There are simply not enough hands on deck, not enough staff, to make sure that seniors are getting the care that they need when they need it,” says one professional in the industry. Read more >>

‘I Know How Awful It Is:’ How One Former Care Worker Is Now Facing Dementia

Christine Thelker didn’t need doctors to explain the bleak outlook she faced when she was diagnosed with vascular dementia at just 56.

As a former care worker for dementia patients, Thelker knows exactly what lies ahead. Read more >>

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