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Classic Featured in Douglas Magazine

By May 16, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments


Classic LifeCare is pleased to announce it has achieved accreditation from Accreditation Canada. Accreditation helps health care organizations pursue excellence, improve performance and guide ongoing quality and safety initiatives.

“The Classic LifeCare team should be very proud of passing accreditation,” said Accreditation Canada surveyor Dalyce Cruikshank. “The Classic LifeCare team has really embraced what accreditation is all about, working to grow the business over 40 years and still keep the client first and foremost in everything they do. Congratulations.”

Classic LifeCare is a family-run agency that has been leading the way in home health care since 1974, and provides homecare services in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.

The road to receiving accreditation has been a lot of work but really brought the Classic LifeCare team together, says Yvette Litterscheidt, Operations Leader and Accreditation Leader for Classic.

“When you look back, it’s incredible how far we’ve come. We had to take everything that was in our heads and put it onto paper and create policies around it. We wrote hundreds of policies and created dozens of guides and programs. I would say we are a much more organized company and more prepared for growth than ever before.”

Because of Accreditation, Classic has been able to:


  • Assess its services and determine where to focus improvement efforts;:
  • Develop standardized processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs;
  • Mitigate risk and support best practices;
  • Strengthen its culture of quality, safety and excellence; and
  • Identify leading and commendable practices.

Susan Fulton, Clinical Leader, says accreditation is a journey towards meeting individual client needs in the community.

“Now that we have successfully completed the final step to become accredited with Accreditation Canada, we are excited to put all of the new systems we’ve developed into practice,” says Susan. “We were able to make a lot of improvements to our operations and find efficiencies in our service delivery through accreditation.”

Susan says clients will ultimately benefit from this process because accreditation helped streamline Classic’s operations to further emphasize Classic’s commitment to client safety and service.

John Sherwood, CEO of Classic, before cutting a celebratory cake, told his staff, “I’m really proud of everyone at Classic for accomplishing this. We were able to formalize everything and still hold on to the culture we’ve worked so hard to build.”

Andrea Warren, Classic’s Executive Leader, says she is impressed with her team for successfully completing accreditation and continued dedication to upholding home support standards.

“Accreditation was a lot of work but all of us at Classic and our clients can be more assured than ever that we are providing safe, quality care.”