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Classic Employees Are Star Students

By March 27, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments

Classic LifeCare employees are proving to be outstanding pupils.

Introduced in 2013, the Classic LifeCare Academy is accessed through the employee portal and offers courses about everything from aging to handwashing. Completed courses earn the student certificates.

Jennifer Dares, who does Community Relations for Classic in Edmonton, has completed 21 courses through the Classic LifeCare Academy.

Each Classic employee is required to complete 12 courses, which are assigned by Clinical Leader Susan Fulton, within the first year of employment. The course package follow the Classic LifeCare orientation and consists of 12 individual courses related to providing safe, competent care. These courses are important for gaining knowledge and understanding the expectations of your role as a Health Care Worker.

Jennifer says some courses are more difficult than others and it’s helpful to do the pre-exams to make sure you’re ready for the actual exams.

“I find the courses informative even if you already know some facts about that topic. The courses are a great reminder. I found The Aging Process course very enlightening.”

Jennifer says it’s amazing for a company to put time and money into educating its employees.

“It means they care about their employees,” she says. “It’s also great for the clients and their families knowing their caregiver is consistently becoming more educated.”

Health care worker Leonides Cuadra has completed more than 25 courses and says she is especially interested in the dementia and Alzheimer’s related courses.

She says the courses are vital to her as a health care worker because they provide her with confidence when working with clients.

“I am better equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the health condition of each client,” says Leonides. “I hope this will be a continuing program offered by Classic.”

The employee review process, introduced in January, 2014, is a bi-annual meeting where Classic LifeCare leaders will audit courses completed by each employee.

All employees who complete the 12 assigned courses by the end of July will be entered to win a tablet.