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Classic Earns its Seal of Approval

By January 29, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments


Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Classic LifeCare proves its dedication to quality through Accreditation Canada.

Classic has been working towards full accreditation with Accreditation Canada for nearly two years. The final step to full accreditation will be the Qmentum survey in April.

Accreditation Canada provides a third-party check and balance to vouch for the companies it accredits. It looks at the claims a company makes and either corroborates or opposes them, acting as a watchdog so health consumers don’t have to decipher claims from reality.

“Accreditation ensures that we are elevating ourselves above the many other companies out there to showcase what a great company we have,” says Yvette Litterscheidt, Operations Leader and Accreditation Leader for Classic LifeCare. “We want to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible care as well as ensuring our employees are well informed and equipped to provide this care.”

Just because a company says its accredited, doesn’t mean it’s accredited with Accreditation Canada, an organization dedicated to improving health quality since 1958. Look for the Accreditation Canada seal to ensure a company meets the highest standards for home care.

You’ve already seen some of the improvements we’ve made as a result of the Accreditation Canada process, including: An employee portal to share policies and memos, The Classic LifeCare Academy, which provides education modules so you can earn certificates as you complete valuable courses, and an employee review process launched this month.