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Classic Academy Courses Help Health Care Worker Learn New Skills

By November 3, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments

Maria has been working as a Health Care Worker at Classic LifeCare since 1997, but she still hasn’t stopped learning. Maria recently completed all twelve Classic Academy courses to help increase her skill set.

“It helps me be more comfortable doing the stuff that I have to do with the clients,” says Maria.

Maria completed all twelve courses on paper, rather than on the computer. She says completing them on paper helped her absorb the information better, since she could flip back to go over the work she’d already done.

“It usually doesn’t take long if you do it continuously,” she says.

Maria says completing the Classic Academy courses helped her learn more about hand washing, how to approach clients who have dementia and what to do if a client has an open sore.

“It really gives you a good knowledge so you can do your work better,” she says.

Maria encourages other Classic LifeCare employees to complete the courses and says that they’ve “absolutely” helped her do her job better. The Classic Academy courses can be accessed through SharePoint, or can be completed on paper.