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Celebrating Two Years of Gratitude

By September 9, 2013June 30th, 2016Moments

Andrea Warren spent the two-year anniversary of her liver transplant honoring her donor in the BC sunshine.

Warren, the Executive Leader of Classic LifeCare, enjoyed a day of reflection and thanksgiving at the estuary of Widgeon Creek at the south end of Pitt Lake. She and her husband, Jeremy, canoed the lake and hiked the falls to celebrate health and happiness since her liver transplant two years ago.

“I’m so thankful every day for my life, family, Classic family and amazing friends,” says Warren.”It’s been an amazing couple of years since my liver transplant.”

She says the reason she wants to share her story is to give others in the same situation hope and encourage organ donation awareness.

The team at Classic LifeCare added to the celebration with balloons and cake that read, “Happy Second Birthday.”

Congratulations Andrea!

For more information, visit www.transplant.bc.ca.

To read Warren’s amazing story, visit https://classiclifecare.com/moments/gift-life.




By Lissa Miles