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Celebrating 104th Birthday and an Upcoming Birth Day

By February 5, 2016May 26th, 2017Moments


Classic LifeCare client Eugenie, who just celebrated her 104th birthday, was thrilled when expectant mother Patricia Barrie, a Classic LifeCare administrator, paid her a visit recently.

Patricia and Eugenie formed a special bond when Patricia worked as a Classic LifeCare Client Care Coordinator. They first met in person in 2012 and have stayed in touch and enjoyed a few visits since.

Patricia, who is due on April 15, visited Eugenie on Feb. 4 to catch up, have tea and celebrate her 104th birthday.

“She is such a sweet, loving lady. I love how she welcomes me whenever I visit and I really enjoy all the stories she tells,” says Patricia. “She’s like my surrogate grandmother, since my grandma passed away over 10 years ago.”

Eugenie was beaming when she saw Patricia, especially when she noticed she was pregnant, which she marveled at as she put her hands on her belly.




Eugenie’s Health Care Worker, Edna Cebujano, has been with her for more than four years and says she loves her job working with Eugenie.

“I love it. She is such a sweet lady and we have a good time together,” said Edna, who served tea and cookies during the visit.

Patricia, who is expecting a son, says she plans to visit Eugenie with her baby once he’s born.

“I would love to go back and visit her with the baby. She doesn’t get many visitors and I know she loves to entertain. I was actually speaking to her weekend Health Care Worker, who told me (Eugenie) was telling her about our visit and that ‘the small girl’ would be coming back to give her a baby boy. It makes me happy that she remembered our visit.”