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Carlos Inspires Others to Live Healthy

By April 27, 2015May 26th, 2017Moments

Every morning, Carlos gets up at 3 a.m. and gears himself up for his daily workout at the gym. Other than resting on weekends, he goes to the gym every day, rain or shine. He credits his exercise routine with keeping him healthy.

“I’m not sick because of my exercise,” he says. “It is good for my body and it’s good for my health.”

Although it can be easy to make excuses not to be active, Carlos has no trouble staying motivated. He finds that the benefits of exercise inspire him to keep pushing himself.

“Everything is hard, but once you get started you feel positive about yourself,” he says. “Help yourself, and you see what you can do for yourself.”

Carlos lost the use of his legs following a construction accident seven years ago. Some people might use that as an excuse to take it easy, but not Carlos. Doctors have told him that he’ll never walk again, but he’s determined to prove them wrong.

“I will show them, I can walk again,” he says.

His favourite fitness activities are swimming and basketball. Growing up in the Philippines, he played basketball all through school.

“Basketball is very popular there,” says Carlos.

As much as he loves going to the gym, he’s more focused on staying healthy than he is on building muscle.

“I’m not competing to be a bodybuilder,” he says with a laugh.

Many people who see Carlos at the gym every day ask him what his secret to staying healthy is, but he insists that it’s just exercise and a diet of fruit, vegetables and lean meats. He hopes to inspire others to adopt healthy living habits. For Carlos, pushing himself to reach new goals keeps his fitness routine interesting and helps him stay motivated.

“No pain, no gain!”