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Bola’s Passion for People is Contagious

By January 25, 2017May 29th, 2017Moments

A breath of fresh air blew into the Classic LifeCare Calgary office on Tuesday, Jan. 24 – and her name is Bola.

Health Care Worker Bola has an infectious smile and an obvious passion for her work. She took some time to talk about why she loves helping people.

“The thing with working in home care is that these clients used to be independent. So I am very aware that it’s difficult for them sometimes to ask for help and to give up some control to let me help,” she says. “Building trust with them is sometimes hard, but I am so happy when I can.”

She prides herself on being early, taking her time, making sure she is presentable – no matter how tired she may be from school, work and volunteering.

“I just love people,” she says with a smile. “Working as a Care Aide is wonderful for me. I love when a client requests me because we have a good connection.”

Bola and her husband, an engineer, immigrated to Canada from Nigeria in 2014.

While she holds a degree in Human Resources from Nigeria and has experience working with NGOs, she is attending the University of Calgary taking anatomy and statistics, working to become a nurse.

“When I interviewed for my role as a Health Care Worker at Classic LifeCare, I instantly felt a connection to this place and that it was like a big family,” beams Bola. “I went online and read some reviews and knew it was the agency for me.”

She has since referred some friends to work at Classic and is hopeful to do her nursing practicum at Classic when the time comes.