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Anja wins an iPad Mini!

By December 16, 2015May 26th, 2017Moments



Anja, a Health Care Worker at Classic LifeCare, was driving home after working with a client when she received a voicemail from Classic’s education contest telling her she’d won an iPad mini.

“I was really surprised, I wasn’t expecting something like this,” says Anja. “I never expect to win anything.”

Anja was entered in the draw to win the iPad mini after completing the Classic LifeCare Academy courses online through the employee portal. She found that completing the courses reminded her how much she already knew from when she worked as a nurse in Germany before she moved to Canada. She liked the courses because they prepare her for what to do if she encounters a difficult situation and ensure that both she and the client stay safe at all times.

“Because it’s standardized… it puts me in a safe spot,” she says.

Anja has been with Classic for almost six years. When she isn’t working, she spends time with her family and tries to convince her son to do his homework. On weekends, they like to take trips to explore new areas. She says Canada is very different from Germany, so she likes to see as much as she can.

On weekends when it’s too rainy to go anywhere, Anja often ends up sitting inside on the computer, so she’s happy she’ll have her new tablet to play with now.

“Now I have a new toy,” she says with a laugh.