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A Much-Deserved Hole in One

By July 4, 2014June 30th, 2016Moments


Frank Harvey holds his Hole-In-One trophy from Country Meadows Golf Course. Nestled in the trophy is the lucky ball that flew 98 yards and found Hole #8 on June 19. Frank is a great example of the benefits of healthy living for seniors.

By Lissa Miles

Frank Harvey could hardly believe it when he got a hole in one during one of his twice weekly rounds of golf with the boys.

“I was sure the ball had gone over the back, but when we got to the green the ball was in the hole,” laughs Frank. “When we got back to the clubhouse, they gave me a trophy. The rule with a hole in one, however, is that the onus is on that golfer to buy a round of drinks for everyone.”

Frank has been golfing regularly since 1972 with Joe, one of the men in his foursome, who witnessed the hole in one.

“I read online that the odds of a hole in one are 1 in 12,500. No wonder it took me over 40 years.”

Frank, in addition to golfing, lives an active life – probably the reason he looks nowhere near his 88 years. When he’s not golfing on Mondays and Thursdays, he’s walking for 45 minutes to an hour per day. He also works out for 15 minutes each morning, including 50 push-ups.

“I’ve been active since my thirties. When I was 33, I weighed 182 pounds. I now weigh 155. I decided back then to take the weight off and live a healthier life. I also quit smoking at that time.”

He volunteered for a university exercise program in London, Ontario and could barely run a quarter of the way around the track.

“Six months later, I ran a five-mile race and came in third.”

Frank worked for 40 years in sales management with Carlton Cards in five different cities in Canada and the US. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Frank was eventually moved to London, Ontario with the company. They moved him to Columbus, Ohio for a few years, to Indianapolis, Indiana for a few years, and finally to Vancouver.

“When I mentioned I was moving to Vancouver, people warned me that I had better get myself an umbrella,” laughs Frank.

Instead, he moved to sunny Tsawwassen, which he says gets one-third of Vancouver’s rainfall. He has remained in Tsawwassen since 1971. Though he meant to retire at age 65, the president of Carlton Cards asked him to stay on longer to prospect for new customers. Frank, who has never been afraid of cold calling, worked an additional eight years and finally retired at 73 from a career he thoroughly enjoyed.

Along with his current physical activity, he remains socially active. Frank volunteers for Canadian Blood Services once per month, has organized a Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament for the past 30 years, manages all of his own investing and is the primary caregiver for his wife Teresa, who doesn’t get around like she once did because of painful knee problems.

Frank was a long time member of Toastmasters and has been the MC for more than 100 events over the years. With a mind for jokes, we has about 50 of them committed to memory for practically any occasion.

“I’m lucky because I don’t have any aches or pains, I don’t take any medication, I don’t even get headaches. My wife says I just give them.

“I don’t get stressed out. We get out for dinner a couple of times each week. All of our kids live pretty close so we get together with family when we can. We have a great family, including 5 children, 11 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. I get back to Ontario once a year to see my nieces and nephews too.”

Frank and Teresa will celebrate their 60th Anniversary on September 6, although Frank teases that she is still on probation.

With that party on the horizon and much to be grateful for, you’ll still find Frank at the golf course twice a week trying to earn himself another trophy.